On Abortion

There can be no sin greater to our Heavenly Father than that of the destruction of the life of those so small and defenseless. Babies are God’s gift to humanity and any nation that endeavors to protect and secure each of them their rightful inheritance to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be blessed.

In recent decades there have been times when America experienced monumental changes as a result of decisions made by a collective body of individuals we call the Supreme Court.

In June of 1962 that Court removed prayer from schools. That decision has had disastrous results and it could be argued that it paved the way for yet another decision that would also bring an indelible stain on our nation.

January of 1973 the Supreme Court ruled to legalize abortion. Those elected or appointed to serve the governed, on occasion, are disposed to mistakes. But, those decisions were no accident.

It was a conscience determination to render a ruling that would serve as a death certificate to future generations of babies that will never encounter all the experiences that life can offer.

Since that horrific decision was made there has been more than enough time for legislators and legislatures at every level to present an inexpugnable endeavor to impede that ruling.

If I would have the honor to be elected to the Indiana State Senate, I would pursue the cause to do just that. Because of my firm support and belief in the right of all babies to inherit the blessing of life from God and that abortion is the ultimate child abuse I would champion the efforts of Right To Life.

Many currently holding office and those running for office lack the conviction to strive to stop abortion. Some hope never to find themselves in a position to state their honest opinion. My faith compels me to profess my opposition to abortion and I submit this letter for all to witness.

On Government

There has been an insidious and crafty shift of power over the decades that has removed government of the people and by the people to a government over the people. It is the duty of every individual now, to elect to office those who will restore that authority back to its rightful owners; the American citizens. I am determined to reestablish that principle.

On Taxes

Recent economic events have now proven that profligate spending coupled with extravagant and unrestrained ideas has led city and state government to expect what we cannot afford. This spending beyond our reach has led to unbearable and unaffordable taxes on those least able to sustain. As a steward of the citizens of Indiana I would seek to reverse the failed policy of spending what we don’t have and then increase taxes to cover the costs. Let’s operate within our means.

On Economic Growth

Politicians do not create jobs. Jobs are created by the private sector; by entrepreneurs willing to make a personal investment. However, those serving in state government can establish an environment that contributes to that objective. State government that operates within a balance of reasonable spending and taxation is such an environment.

On Education

America should strive to reach its rightful status as the leader in graduating young adults that are self reliant and self sufficient. The mere act of allocating unlimited money to education will not result in that goal. We must have teachers who possess the qualifications to develop the abilities of students. It is also absolutely vital that we establish an environment within the class room and campus that promotes respect, dignity, pride, courtesy and discipline. Our goal in education should be to produce a model American citizen equipped with the virtues and assets that will enable them to lead our nation into the future.

On Gun Rights

The Second Amendment in our Bill Of Rights is so clearly stated it is bewildering that in more than 200 years it is still a point of debate. More now than ever American citizens today find themselves forced to stand guard and defend their inherent right to keep and bear arms. I will protect with jealous loyalty the Second Amendment from any blatant or subversive assault.




-Jim Tomes

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